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    Shandong Zhaori New Energy Tech. Co., Ltd. is a high-tech and new energy company based on independent intellectual property rights.
    Our company was founded in June 2012 and we have 10 departments includes R&D department, technical department, engineering department, production department, quality assurance department, development department, foreign trade department, domestic trade department, I.M.D. department and so on.

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    Service First

    • 2021 SNEC Pv Conference & Exhibition(Shang Hai)

      2021 SNEC Pv Conference & Exhibition(Shang Hai)

      The exhibition has been held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from Jun. 03 to Jun. 05, 2021. In this exhibition, our company exhibited a number of solar tracking system products, these products include: ZRD Dual Axis Solar Tracking System, ZRT Tilted Single Axis...

    • The photovoltaic market in South America has full potential

      The photovoltaic market in South America has full potential

      Since the outbreak of covid-19 epidemic, the performance of photovoltaic industry has continuously proved its tenacious vitality and huge potential demand. In 2020, due to the impact of the epidemic, many photovoltaic projects in Latin America were delayed and cancelled....

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