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    2021 SNEC Pv Conference & Exhibition(Shang Hai)

    The exhibition has been held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from Jun. 03 to Jun. 05, 2021. In this exhibition, our company exhibited a number of solar tracking system products, these products include: ZRD Dual Axis Solar Tracking System, ZRT Tilted Single Axis Solar Tracking System, ZRS Semi-Auto Dual Axis Solar Tracking System, ZRP flat single axis solar tracking system. These products have attracted good comments from customers in Chile, Europe, Japan, Yemen, Vietnam and USA.


    Climate changing is one of the most serious challenges of global development. Five years ago, the world leaders signed the Paris Agreement, and the leaders have pledged to take action to curb global warming. The World Meteorological Organization recently released data showing that 2011-2020 was the hottest decade since the Industrial Revolution, and the hottest year on record was 2020. As climate change intensifies, extreme weather will continue to occur across the globe, and climate change will take a huge economic toll. The World Meteorological Organization has warned of huge challenges in meeting temperature control targets set in the Paris Agreement.

    China is always at the forefront of addressing global climate change, President Xi Jinping proposed the following goals at the 75th Session of the United Nations General Assembly in 2020: China's carbon dioxide emissions to peak by 2030, and China is striving to be carbon neutral by 2060. At a time when controlling the global climate is a challenging, China has announced a series of commitments and actions to advance the global fight against climate change. Now, President Xi Jinping has announced new measures to reduce emissions and laid out a roadmap for carbon neutrality, and these measures demonstrate China's resolve of promoting economic and social development, promoting all-round green transformation, and promoting global sustainable development. And photovoltaic is the most efficient approach of reducing carbon emissions and achieving carbon neutrality in the current technology.

    Through years of development, continuous innovation and technology development, the photovoltaic industry has achieved overall technological progress. In order to further enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, our company attaches more importance to the accumulation of technological progress and the development of new products, product quality and performance are constantly improving. Our company provides professional installation solutions, rapid product delivery, and reasonable price. Our ZRD and ZRS are the simplest structure dual axis solar tracking system, easy for installation and maintenance, it can tracking the sun automatically every day, improve power generation by 30%-40%. Our ZRT tiled single axis solar tracker and ZRP flat single axis solar tracker are modular in design, with simple structure, low cost, low power consumption, quick and convenient installation, no back shadow for bi-facial solar panels, independent drive or small linkage structure, with good terrain adaptability, improve power generation by more than 15% - 25%.


    Post time: Dec-09-2021
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